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Restore balance to your body with a massage from Jen! 


Are you stressed?  Does your back ache?  Do you suffer from chronic pain? 


It has been proven that massage therapy is very beneficial in the reduction of stress.  Stress relief alone can improve your vitality and state of mind.  Massage helps facilitate the healing process within ourselves.  Investing in your health today will allow you to reap the rewards for each tomorrow to come.


Massage is great for neck & back pain, sciatica, headaches, insomnia, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, TMJ


Benefits from Massage

  • Relieves chronic muscle pain & tension
  • Revitalizes & energizes
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reduces stress
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Increases joint flexibility
  • Facilitates the healing of injured muscle tissue
  • Improves posture
  • Cleanses the body of toxins
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps maintain chiropractic adjustments


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